Monday, July 8, 2013

European Toilets!

There are many different types toilets in Europe; many of them two flush systems. I love it. Why must we flush extra water when we don't need it! The toilet architecture is quite different in Europe, and I've taken pictures of every full toilet I've been too (no urinals except for one brilliant one).

Hope you feel relieved as I have by these toilets, ha.

Arlon, Belgium. Airbnb.

Charleroi, Belgium. Artist's home.

Charleroi, Belgium. Old house. Later I broke the green top...

Charleroi, Belgium. Longer is better? 

Charleroi, Belgium. Different artist's house.

If you can notice, the toilet paper piece is longer than American style! The extra centimeters are worth it.

Bruxelles, Belgium. Cousin's house in a newer building.

Bruxelles, Belgium. Cousin's house in an older house.

Bruxelles, Belgium. Don't use the small one. Trust me.

Bruxelles, Belgium. Old style house.

Bruxelles, Belgium. Fancy restaurant.

Mechelen, Belgium. This toilet was also very tall!

North Belgium. I don't remember where. I think I was exhausted. but why the skew?

Delft, The Netherlands. Only one flush, but looks like two!

TU Delft Engineering Building, The Netherlands

TU Delft Engineering Building, The Netherlands

Rijswijk, The Netherlands. 

A greenhouse, The Netherlands

Delft, The Netherlands. City hall. Blue light is from ultraviolet light; so sanitary!

Wish I knew, The Netherlands

Delft, The Netherlands. Brilliant! so many guys at once with the size of one Honeybucket. 

Delft, The Netherlands. The view from inside. No free show this time.

?, The Netherlands. But intuitive, no?

Delft, The Netherlands. Old style housing. Note the flat shallow basin in the bowl. Weird.

Giethoorn, The Netherlands. Restaurant.


  1. any self cleaning toilets?

    1. The Japanese toilet is so over-designed but absolutely amazing!