Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Awesome, Funny, and Weird of Europe: Part 1 of 2

These are sights from Europe which are either super awesome, funny, or simply strange which simultaneously deserve their own place on the interwebs for the world to see. Enjoy.

1. This is either the best way to point people in your store or knock their eyes out.

2. You can throw trash away while riding your bike. Not only is this fun but you are saving the world at the same time!

3. A funny suit is recommended past this point

4. The Dutch make the deadliest coffee

The next three are bikes:

5. My other bike is a bigger cargo bike

6. One example of art of people on bikes. The Dutch are appreciators!

7. The boozz bike. Auto-stabilizing with high beer carrying capacity.

8a. Before: A surface for papers       -        8b. After: A Piano. Awesome.

9. We don't know why sales are so low!

10. Beware, but if you catch the second wave, you might have fun.

11. Raw Herring. A Dutch Specialty

12. Cat on Leash. Keep Amsterdam Weird.

13. Superman is a thing in The Netherlands.

14. So are grown-up bouncy houses, apparently. BTW, this was really awesome.

The next three are bikes again:

15. I got a bike in the mail! Delivered by bike!

16. Built in light included! Removal not recommended for structural purposes.

17. Kidical mass is a Dutch standard.

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